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Can I Find a Certain Name on Tinder?

can I find a certain name on Tinder?
Find anyone on Tinder

Can I find a certain name on Tinder? Of course, if you are patient enough. Some cities such as Los Angeles, Paris, New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco have so many Tinder users that finding a certain name is easy. However, you are most likely trying to find a specific person on Tinder. There are a litany of tutorials available on how to perform your own Tinder profile search, but the majority of them are either out-dated, trying to sell you something that would never work, or they outline an exhaustive approach to finding a certain name on Tinder that most of us do not have the time for. If you wanted to find a certain name on Tinder and you can’t spend any money on the task, I would recommend the following.

  1. Familiarize yourself with Geo Location reporting technologies so that you can set your location to be as close as possible to your targets location. This will greatly reduce the number of left-swipes required to find them.
  2. Start with a fresh account so that you can have an elevated ELO (‘desirability’) score. This will allow you to see all the users in that specific area for 24 hours.
  3. Swipe slow enough to not accidentally swipe through the person. A lot of people (and I mean A LOT) of people talk about albion services, which is a piece of online software anyone can use to auto-swipe through all the people quickly.
  4. Don’t use your real picture. You really don’t want to suspected cheater to see your profile and gas-light on you.
  5. Remember that Tinder sends SMS notifications when you try and log in. If you are in the same room as someone you can try to log in as them while their in the room with you using their phone number. This is an easy way to read their reaction and call them out.
  6. If they log in with facebook, there will be a list of apps they have used with a date when they were used. Here is facebook’s tutorial on managing installed apps.
  7. Don’t fall for scams where people say they can access anyone’s cell phones. I spent several years as a Voice over IP engineer working on high-level protocol securities and I can tell you its definitely not real.
  8. Once you find someone’s Tinder profile please make sure its current. A lot of people have old Tinder accounts lingering around that they just forgot about. If you want to tell if someone is active its best to try and super-like their profile and send them a message. This brings me to number 9
  9. If you do want to match with someone after you find that certain name on Tinder make sure you use a believable profile with a local-occupation, pictures, etc. Guys are experts are spotting fake accounts and bots, they deal with it all day.

Is Tinder a place for creeps?

tinder creep
tinder creep

Is Tinder a place for creeps? Lets talk about it.

Is tinder a place for creeps? I just received this post in my digest and I wanted to share a little bit about my past experience with Tinder. I will also explain my firsthand exposure to a variety of creeps on this platform. The definition of a creep is a detestable person deserving of intense dislike. So we begin.

My experience with dating apps has been somewhat involved. I worked for a major dating website right out of college and I have seen substantial inappropriate behavior. I would label about one in fifty people true “creeps”. One of my positions held was quality assurance. I was responsible for routinely reading message threads that were flagged by users.

Here are some of the things I saw on a regular basis:

  1. Unsolicited images of extremities. People who send unwanted or unsolicited images can be classified as having a sexual over-perception bias. There are distinct differences in what is considered acceptable behavior for the different genders. This kind of behavior could also be labeled as an Interoceptive bias, where people allow sensory input to affect their judgement.
  2. Obsessive Behavior after receiving several indicators of interest. It’s important to maintain interest leading up to an actual meeting. It’s equally important not to get jealous or possessive. I read complaints all the time about guys being downright nasty because they’re not getting an immediate response from a woman. Guys will send hundreds of messages while the other party is simply working or even sleeping.
  3. Threats. You wouldn’t really see this one coming, but after being rejected some men return to vicious threats as a way to cope. This is a crime and can get you put in jail.
  4. Lying. While most people wouldn’t report someone simply for lying I did read a fair number of reports about people saying they owned properties and had non-existent assets so they could have relations with someone. One specific incident I saw was a man told a woman he owned a software company and multiple homes in Hawaii when in reality he lived with his mother in rural Texas and had little to no experience writing software professionally.
  5. Stalking. Some people get rejected and resort to using websites like albion-services in order to track other Tinder users and find out their location. I won’t completely detest services like these because they do have real world legitimate application but they are often abused by creeps.

All in all Tinder, like any dating platform, is a place for anyone and not just specifically creeps. Platforms like Tinder and Bumble provide tools so women can easily filter out men with little self control and dangerous unhealthy behavior. When I meet a man on line, I first down right reject him using a second profile to see how he deals with rejection. Then if he remains a gentleman, I’ll match with him on my real profile. This isn’t as time consuming as it seems because most women basically get matched by everyone on Tinder.

Recently Tinder announced it would be launching a variety of new safety features, including a new AI-powered system to help flag potentially offensive messages. The system will ask recipients of any flagged messages: “Does this bother you?” and will direct users who respond “yes” to a report form. While an amazing attempt at “uncreeping” the platform, there is still the grey area. What creeps out one may not creep out all. It is not a perfect system, but it’s a good start.

I bet you are wanting a good juicy story of a creep that slipped through the cracks. so, then without further ado, I will share a time that my Tinder date went horribly awry. On paper this guy seemed perfect. He didn’t pry, he didn’t push. I rejected him with burner accounts and he handled it with the grace and ease of a true gentleman. I wanted “normal” and he appeared to fit the bill.

We met on an unseasonably cold Friday back in September. He looked exactly like his picture; tall, well dressed, and very attractive. I instantly felt attracted to this man. I normally belly up to the bar as a protection mechanism for first date. This time I led us to a more intimate seat in a quiet corner of the bar. The conversation flowed effortlessly. He was an active listener and seemed interested in getting to know me. I was hopeful.

I realized that it was getting late and reluctantly announced that I would need to go home shortly. It was at this moment that the whole date shifted and this prince charming turned into a total creep. He started begging me to stay out longer. In an attempt to delay my departure, he actually flagged down the waitress and ordered me another cocktail.

I knew that I needed to leave immediately so I stood up and started putting on my jacket. He grabbed my arm and tried to playfully pull me onto his lap. Without much thought I let out a small cry for help. This really upset him. He told me that I would need to move faster, as in put out on the first date, if I were to ever get a boyfriend. I didn’t even reply and just moved closer to the crowd near the front of the bar. My insides were telling me that I should not be isolated with this guy.

Very quickly I found an Uber and got out of there. The whole way home I cried and felt like a complete fool. How could I get duped on a platform that I regularly scan for this exact personality type? How did he sneak through my thorough vetting? It was weeks before I could even share my experience because I was ashamed of my foolishness.

Life went on and I have become even more rigid in my pre-date screening. I have done some Tinder dating as well as friend-of-a-friend referral dating. Both have brought joy and anguish. I realize that creeps are great at fooling their victims. They are full of deceit and trickery. And they are everywhere.

Tinder Profile Search – Cheaters don’t stand a chance

Tinder profile search
tinder profile search

Tinder Search: Ways How To Find Cheaters on Tinder.

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the United States and many other countries with tens of millions of active users worldwide. The first choice of apps for cheaters is Tinder or Bumble. This page is all about how to do a Tinder Profile Search. To find someone on Bumble, we recommend a company called Buzz Humble.

Because there are tens of millions of Tinder, you can easily have a million users in a city within 50 square miles. This makes it nearly impossible to find someone yourself. There are services designed to find specific people on Tinder.

Albion Services is used by professional private investigators. If you want to find someone in Los Angeles, the service will scan through every single person and give you a huge report with the few hundred individuals who match up at the top.

Do you want to learn about the available search methods which allow you to search for a specific person outside of your matched user list?

Everyone should want to be in a faithful relationship, right?

The only viable search method to find someone’s account is by matching their search criteria, spoofing your GPS location, and swiping left. The specific steps on this process are outlined below, but the sanest way to do it would be to just use a Tinder investigation search service like Albion Services.

The service costs $7 and compared to other similar websites, it is a superior service. You can find someone with a common name in a city with millions of people just by knowing their general vicinity.

Scroll down to see how sites like Albion find people on apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, and Badoo.

Unfortunately, there is no official tinder profile search tool. However, with this knowledge, you can reliably find and monitor anyone’s tinder profile. What you need is their age, first name, and approximate location. If are you aren’t sure if your partner is truly showing signs of infidelity please check out this article called am I being cheated on?

Tinder Profile Searches are location-based.

You can find someone’s Tinder profile by knowing where they hang out when they are swiping. You need to know the following pieces of information in order to pull this off.

  • Their location, the more specific the location the more likely you will find them. If you know someone’s exact address you should be in great shape.
  • Their age preference. Most Tinder users are open to meeting other Tinder users who are their own age. Make your account match their account in age.

Avoid Hustlers and Scammers selling fake Tinder Searches.

There is no such thing as a “Facebook Graph”, search for finding Tinder profiles. The truth is that in order to find someone’s Tinder profile, you need to match their location and swipe through everyone. There is an eastern European crime syndicate advertising Facebook graph searches as a real thing. They aren’t. It’s a ploy to get access to your Facebook account. Avoid websites written in broken English promising to perform impossible work. It is a scam.

Another scam to avoid when looking for help finding cheaters is the cell phone hack scam. It’s not possible to hack someone’s cell phone with their phone number and it’s definitely NOT possible to get Tinder Plus for free. The most you can do is spoof your caller ID to match someone else’s and that isn’t generally legal to do and it requires something called “Level 3 access”, to a US-based telephony trunk system. If you don’t know, don’t worry.

If you are considering using an over the counter GPS spoofing system to dupe someone on Tinder, know that Tinder has blocked all kinds of GPS spoofing technology by recording where users like to hang out, and disabling accounts that switch locations too frequently. You should be able to jump once or twice, but after that, your account will be locked into one spot for weeks.

If you need to change your location on Tinder without being blocked, you must purchase Tinder Plus from Tinder.

An accurate tutorial on performing your very own Tinder profile search.

Today we are going to follow an accurate tutorial on how to find someone’s tinder profile. With dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Happn, and Coffee meet bagel it is no surprise that cheating is now more convenient and tempting than ever. With a slew of new methods to make it easy to build fast connections, infidelity is more common than ever in human history.

Cheating is one of the leading factors in divorce. It is also one of the most damaging and stressful things that can happen in a new relationship. If you are nearly certain that your significant other is cheating on you is it still important to hire an investigator? In this article, we will talk about our opinions and answer some frequently asked questions about private investigation services.

The process to do your own tinder profile search is pretty easy as long as you do not live in a high-traffic city. You might be better off just hiring one of the litanies of services such as albion if you live in Los Angeles or a place with more than 2,000 users per 5-mile area.

11 steps to performing your own Tinder Profile Search

  1. Make a new Tinder and buy a plan with the passport feature. I recommend Tinder Plus. You will need this because Tinder limits the number of swipes on free accounts and you need to switch locations to match your targets.
  2. Also, set the age to match their preferred age range.
  3. Next under your Tinder app settings set your location to match their swiping location and reduce your search radius to 2 miles.
  4. Grab a cup of coffee…
  5. Swipe left until you find them. If they have changed their age or distance, try moving around your search location and expanding your search radius.
  6. Don’t swipe right on any profiles, it will just slow you down.
  7. Swipe left more. Do not stop.
  8. Find their doppelganger, say hello and keep swiping.
  9. Decide to give up, have more coffee and keep going.
  10. Just a bit more.
  11. Take a screenshot of their profile and potentially break up with them.

Should You Hire an Investigator?

Do you have the time for this? If not someone else can definitely do it all for you here. Albion Services will send you a copy of everyone’s Tinder profile in the area of your partner in a convenient report sent by email.

Badoo Search: The Definitive Guide

search badoo
Search Badoo

Here is a definitive guide to performing a Badoo search. Ever wonder how to find a specific person’s account on the popular dating website Badoo? This is the most up to date guide to performing badoo searches.

For most of the internet-connected world, dating websites and apps like Badoo are the number one way people meet their partners, new friends, and have affairs. Are you worried that your partner might be cheating on you using the Badoo dating website? If so, then keep reading.


Badoo is perhaps the best free dating website currently operating. People can chat, date and meet with over 462 million people.

Badoo is today what Plenty of Fish was in 2012. Most people who are into online dating use Badoo, and Plenty of Fish is actually powered by Skynet and all the beautiful girls are really bots looking to harvest your non-essential organs in order to power their collective using a bio-reactor. Of course, if you aren’t trying to spend a lot of time on the computer then you should know there are people will do it for you. Try this service to get a report on any of the four popular dating platforms which are: Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, and Match.

Badoo Search Step 1: Create an appealing Badoo account

Create a Badoo profile. In order to find someone’s account, you will need your own Badoo account. Make sure that the age of your new Badoo profile is the same age as the person whom you are performing a Badoo search for. Swiping left means you are not interested. When you swipe left on someone or vice versa you will not show up in their potential match feed for a long time. So to perform a Badoo search you will need a fresh Badoo account. Be sure to choose an appealing profile photo.

Badoo Search Step 2: Set your location correctly

The only way a Badoo search will be successful is if you correctly set your location to the same approximate location as your target.

  1. Log into Badoo.
  2. Click on “People nearby”.
  3. Fill out all fields, and press “Update results”

badoo Search Step 3: Click on all pages of results.

Depending on where you live, this could take a while. If you’re unlucky enough to live in a small town you can probably find them pretty fast. However, if you live in a place like Seattle Washington, you should probably try that service we mentioned here.

More tips on performing a successful Badoo search.

Take notes when doing a Badoo search.

When you have found someone’s profile on any dating website or app, they may say the profile is a blast from the past they forgot to delete. If you match with them they cannot use that excuse. Same thing if you see their profile pictures, biography, or location change.

record profile changes

Do not use your real photo if you’re worried about being caught performing a Badoo Search

Staying anonymous gives you more options.

How can I look someone up on Tinder without being a member? | Tinder Profile Search Tutorial for 2020

Tinder search report example
Tinder search report example

Unfortunately, Tinder’s parent company which goes by the name of “Match”, doesn’t provide the ability to look someone up on Tinder. If you don’t mind spending a small amount of money then there is good news for you. I heard on several well-known news sites about a service that could find anyone’s Tinder profile and its called albion services. It is definitely not free but it’s less than ten dollars. What they provide is a report page with an alphabetized list of everyone in a 25-mile radius of any specific location. Matches are displayed at the top of the report with a full profile card showing all their pictures, information, and when they were caught using the service. As a secondary service albion will attempt to catfish whoever you find on there. This is a screenshot of what I got when I purchased their report. Try https://buzzhumble.com if you want to check the worlds #2 dating app called Bumble.

Is online dating safe? 7 Tips for Online Dating

In today’s modern age, online dating has gained great popularity. There are so many dating websites and apps and it has become very common for people to meet their significant others online. Right now 40% of Americans are utilizing online dating and their ages range from young to old. What was once considered slightly taboo has now become mainstream. Even though online dating has risen in popularity, you may still wonder if it is safe.

Is online dating safe? 7 Tips for Online Dating

  1. Use a credible website. According to Forbes, there are almost 8,000 dating sites in the world. The United States alone has 2,500 dating sites and every year 1,000 dating sites are launched. Also, fraud is on the rise in the US. Sticking with the larger, more reputable websites like Bumble, Tinder, and Match.com can be beneficial. Many of these sites require a memberships fee so choose carefully.
  2. Meet in a public place. Even if you have been talking with a person who feels trustworthy, this is an important safety precaution. Continue to meet in public places until you are comfortable with the person. After that you can think about meeting one-on-one.
  3. Keep your contact info private. It is always good to err on the side of caution. I try to avoid including my full or last name on profiles. I also never give my full name until after a few dates. Don’t use Facebook or Instagram photos in your profile. It is likely that a potential date will google your name and may find your work address on linkedin or location on instagram. Never post details such as your address, phone number, and personal email address on your profile. Additionally, set your settings to the maximum security levels on your social media platforms. Finally, do not allow an app to post your location.
  4. Investigate potential dates. It is important to verify that people are who they say they are. Google their name and look up their social media to gain a little insight into who the person is. If you find anything sketchy it is not too late to bail. Think of this step as research rather than stalking.
  5. Use the buddy system before and after dates. Tell at least one person where you are going, who you are going with, and what time you plan on going home.
  6. Take public transportation or drive yourself to and from your dates. Always drive yourself to and from dates because it can be risky to rely on someone you met online for a ride.
  7. Trust your gut. It is so common for people to embellish who they are. If something seems too good to be true it probably is. And if something feels off then it probably is. Trust your gut and do not be afraid to cut off contact with someone at any point.

While connecting virtually has its risks, it can be a convenient way to meet someone in a low pressure setting. Make sure apply these tips and stay safe.

How can I find out if my partner is using dating sites?

find partner on dating sites

Five Ways to Find out if your partner is using dating sites.

  1. Find their email address and enter it in the “forgotten password” feature found on most websites and apps. This will not tell you if the individual is actively using the particular site or app however it will let you know they did at one point.
  2. Look them up by phone number. Most dating apps on Android and IOS are linked to the users phone number. Most people use Tinder and Bumble so I would start there. Try logging into the account using their phone number while you are hanging out and if they look at their phone then chances are they just receives a login verification code.
  1. Create an account in the same vicinity as theirs. This can be time consuming if there are many active users but you can certainly find them yourself. Start with the most popular sites and apps everyone uses. Keep in mind that if your partner also suspects you of using dating sites or apps this method could lead to some hard questions.
  2. Use a service such as albion-services or buzzhumble to do the searching for you. Sometimes a little professional help is worth a couple dollars.
  1. Take notes on how the individual uses their mobile phone. If there is a lock on their phone and they don’t receive notifications then chances are they are hiding something. Notifications being completely disabled is a huge red flag or if they always place their phone face down.

I have a suggestion that may or may not work in your relationship. My policy is honesty and I set boundaries within the first month. I make it very clear that I want to be monogamous and that I don’t like secrets. Serious partners should not hide things. Some people go so far as to always keeping their social media accounts logged in on a mutual device and they share phone passwords. This may or may not work for you, but if you show your partner you trust them completely they are much more likely to trust you back and there should be no excuses at that point.

Bumble Search: How to Find Anyone on This Dating App

bumble search in progress

Here is a definitive guide to performing bumble searches. Ever wonder how to find a specific person’s account on the popular dating app Bumble? This is the most up to date guide to performing bumble searches.

For most of the internet-connected world, dating apps like Bumble are the number one way people meet their partners, new friends, and have affairs. Are you worried that your partner might be cheating on you using the Bumble dating app? If so, then keep reading.


Bumble is a dating app that was designed to reinvent the antiquated rules of dating. The dating app Bumble was launched in 2014 and those who have used the app can appreciate the new way inter-app messaging works. Bumble is so unique because women have to message men first in heterosexual interactions.

Bumble’s userbase is similar to the leading app Tinder. It was recently postulated that if you took away all the bots Tinder has there actually could be five million more users on the Bumble app.

Bumble Search Step 1: Create an appealing Bumble account

Create a Bumble profile. In order to find someone’s account, you will need your own Bumble account. Set up a new account that has never been left-swiped on. Make sure that the age of your new Bumble profile is the same age as the person whom you are performing a Bumble search for. Swiping left means you are not interested. When you swipe left on someone or vice versa you will not show up in their potential match feed anymore. So to perform a bumble search you will need a Bumble account. Be sure to choose an appealing profile photo.

Bumble Search Step 2: Set your location correctly

The only way a Bumble search will be successful is if you correctly set your location to the same location as your target. This could be the same apartment complex, blocks near their favorite establishments, or a workplace. Bumble does NOT have a location passport feature so you will have to do some digging on your phone in order to pull off a fake location. On Android phones, you would do the following in order to fake your location.

  1. Enable Development Mode on your phone
  2. Install a GPS spoofing application
  3. Restart Bumble

Bumble Search Step 3: Swipe left on all non-matching users.

Swipe until you see the person you are looking for. If their age preferences do not include the age of your profile, then you can try creating a new profile to search with that closely matches their particular taste. This task can take a considerable amount of time if there are many users in the area. Buzzhumble is a reputable company that will do the legwork for you. Just put your search criteria in their easy to use information collection form and have a cup of coffee while you wait for them to do it.

More tips on performing a successful Bumble search.

Always record screenshots when doing a Bumble search.

When you have found someone’s profile on Bumble, they may say the profile is a blast from the past they forgot to delete. If you match with them they cannot use that excuse. Same thing if you see their profile pictures, biography, or location change.

record profile changes

Do not use your real photo if you’re worried about being caught performing a Bumble Search

Staying anonymous gives you more options.

Don’t just do a bumble search for other dating apps and websites.

Click here for our guide on catching cheaters who use other online dating apps such as Tinder, Tantan, Match, and POF. These are the four most used dating platforms in all of the world. Catching someone cheating can be a time-consuming task but we provide links to very affordable private investigation services that can help.

How to build a geodesic dome house.

finished diy dome house

Dome houses have been around for thousands of years. A dome is a very sturdy structure with minimal surface area and lots of interior space. Geodesic dome construction is now more accessible and viable than ever. You can easily build a dome using a combination of at-home 3d printing, modern plastics, and simple materials. Most of these materials can be acquired from Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and other building supply stores.

The dome described in this how to build a DIY geodesic dome house guide is a very new design at the time of writing this article. We have built them and distributed the technology as hobbyists, but we have not performed any kind of safety testing. While we can talk about geodesic dome construction in a general sense; it is important to realize that the structures built in this guide are made with very lightweight building materials. We believe them to be a comfortable and relatively strong structure that potentially meets the needs of many. Please read everything with a discerning eye, especially when partaking in a multi-thousand dollar project.

UPDATE: 7/4/2020
If you are interested in my domes, I am now selling kits that include a waterproof cover fabricated of the same material used in modern waterproof yurt designs. Check it out, here.

The most important step of building a geodesic dome house happens last but without it, you will not have a waterproof structure. This final important step is the application of SPF roofing foam and it is to be done by a professional. SPF is an expensive roofing material that is re-enforcing and allows us to use strong plastic panels to construct our dome rather than a material such as marine plywood that might bare loads, staples, or nails.

This is where SPF foam roofing comes in. SPF foam roofing is a dense closed-cell polyurethane spray system often used on commercial roofs and other projects. At the time of reading this, I believe SPF roofing is more expensive per-square-foot than shingles or metal roofing.

Here is are some PROS of tiny geodesic dome houses:

Here are some CONS of tiny geodesic dome houses:

  • The maximum size is limited. If you want the center of your panels to withstand the force of someone large leaning on them, you will want to re-enforce your dome if the floor space is greater larger than 120 square feet. There are many creative ways you can do this, but it is always important to refer to local and national building codes when getting ready to partake in any construction project.

Here is our material list with the appropriate links of where to buy each item:

  1. (Quantity 20) Insulation Foam Board (4’x8′) Product on HomeDepot.com <- Direct Link
    These foam boards have amazing compressive strength when they are used to build a geodesic dome. They will be used for the panels.
    how to build a geodesic dome house - foam boards
  2. (Quantity 2) Drywall screw pack (1LB) on HomeDepot.com <- Direct Link
    how to build a geodesic dome house - the screws
  3. (Quantity 1) Geodesic dome frame kit made for 1×2 Lumber Thingiverse <- Direct Link
    The geodesic dome kit at the link above is not your standard home depot product link. It is a file for creating the angle-guides needed to make this dome. But don’t worry! you can upload the contents (the *.stl files) to this website and they will print them for you and send them to you. Get an instant quote. If you are familiar to 3d-printing you can easily print a set of those connectors using a Monoprice-mini 3d printer, and about $30 of PETG filament. The instructions on making the frame of the geodesic dome are in the above link to Thingiverse or you can get them here in a PDF. The author sells them at a very discounted rate and their contact information is on the page.

    The instructions for making the dome are relatively simple. Follow the instructional pdf on how to create your geodesic dome frame and then cut polystyrene panels to fit in the gaps. You can simply have one person hold a foam-panel over the frame gaps while somebody else stencils the triangle with a sharpie. Then score those drawn edges with a razor and snap off the edges. Another razor-less option is to get an affordable foam cutter on amazon here. Once your foam panels are in place glue them in using gap-filling foam. For the door, we simply created an extra-dome sub-section with the connectors and attached it using an affordable random hinge-set from home-depot that has three metal hinges.

    Windows are relatively easy. We recommend getting some cheap plexiglass pieces and putting them over cut-holes and securing them to the structure using Flex Tape or the Gorilla brand equivalent which costs half as much.

    Cover anything you don’t want to be encased in SPF foam forever, and let the professionals cover the structure. What you will be left with is a strong and very insulated geodesic dome house for around $3,000. You can find SPF roofing kits if you’re a qualified contractor by looking on Amazon.


find anyone's online dating profile

Are you or someone you know looking for a specific person’s dating profile? This article may serve as a definitive guide to finding someone’s online dating accounts. These steps can be performed on websites such as Match.com, POF.com, and many of the adult-affair websites. Most people use the apps Bumble and Tinder to have affairs. If you are just looking to find a specific person Bumble go here, and if you want to find someone’s Tinder profile go here.

4 tips for finding someone’s dating profiles online:

  1. Enter their known email address then use the “forgotten password” feature.
    The drawback to this approach is that there is no way to know if the individual is currently active on the service. It can indicate that they at least had a profile. It is common for people to think they have deleted or deactivated their account without actually doing so because these websites often make it difficult to delete and deactivate.
  2. Do a Phone Number lookup. Many dating apps are directly linked to a phone number.
    For example, the two dating apps that over 90% of people use (Tinder, and Bumble), both allow you to log in with the phone number associated with the account. You can enter that phone number and request a password reset and then look to see if that person happens to check their text messages, and then ask them what they are looking at.
  3. Create your own account on the dating site. If you have some spare time on your hands you can use an alter ego with a burner phone and email to create your own account on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. This will allow you to manually search for the person yourself. This approach may be risky and if your significant other finds out that you have a dating profile they may accuse you of cheating. If you use this approach, quickly delete your profile after the search.
  4. Use a people finder site.
    There are a few really good people-finder sites that search for specific users on dating applications. https://buzzhumble.com/ searches for people on the Bumble dating app. https://albion-services.com/ searches for people on Tinder. Most people who are online dating are using either Tinder or Bumble making them the best place to start your search.

My father was a police officer for 35 years and he once told me that locks only existed to keep honest people honest. However, when it comes to having a cell phone locks can do quite a bit more than protect someone’s valuables. They protect secrets. I have a suggestion that may or may not work for you. I have tried it with success. Very early on in your relationship, you should make it clear that you want to be monogamous. If your partner wants to take things seriously there should never be any secrets. You should always have each others cell phone and social media passwords. The longest relationships I know of share this element. I really hope this information helps!

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Badoo Search: The Definitive Guide

Here is a definitive guide to performing a Badoo search. Ever wonder how to find a specific person's account on the popular...