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Don’t forget what star wars is all about.


People really love their taboo don’t they.

Working at McDonalds is the modern day equivalent of being Shanghaied.


McDonalds can suck my McNutts.

This is most people when they do anything


The struggle is real.

This is what Oppenheimer should have built to deal with the Germans.


Because the German people have no idea what a big cock is.

The Sinaloa Cartel cares more about the health of its citizens.


Alcohol and sugar are way worse than heroin.

When Skynet has to update your tailored experience.


New trucks are for IQ <= 85 anyways

Hahahaha yeah this is true.


Very funny, and many of us this have had this same thought.

Something isn’t right about that honey though…


I won’t put my finger on it.

Find someone to sneeze directly into your mouth


I was at the grocery store and a kid took his mask off just to sneeze on the candy bars.

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