Did you know that hula hooping can help you get fit while having fun? Here are 8 hula hoop workouts that will transform your life.

When was the last time that you picked up a hula hoop?

When was the last time that you picked up a hula hoop? Hula hooping is an activity that we often associate with childhood and summer days at the playground. I fondly remember picking a out a hoop from a colorful stack with my friends and trying to see who could spin the longest. The laughter was endless as we kept dropping our hoops and picking them up again and again. I never dreamed that this colorful toy would one day transform my life. People from all around the world are giving hula hooping a spin!

Here is a total Beginner Hula Hoop Story

Is hula hooping a good workout?

Hula hooping is a fun way to get your heart pumping while increasing skills like balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. It is a total body workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home or take with you on the go. If you are looking for a fun way to tone your body from head to toe then give hula hooping a try. It offers endless benefits that will help you get into the best shape of your life!

Which Hula Hoop to choose for Fitness:

Different kinds of hoops have different purposes. The best way to set yourself up for success is to get a specific fitness hoop that properly fits you. The toyshop hoops that we talked about earlier can be a helpful learning tool when you are learning hand and poi moves, but they are not the best option for hoop workouts. This video below will show you how to choose a hoop for fitness. Here is a complete hooping guide for beginners!

Now that you have your hoop, this is a good time to turn on your favorite song and give that hoop a spin. If your hoop drops, its okay! Every single hula hooper has started exactly where you are right now. Remember what it feels like to be a beginner because this part of your journey is magical. Soon you’ll be seeing progress and gains that you didn’t even know you were capable of.

Becky’s inspiring hoop journey | After 2 months of hooping!

8 hula hoop workouts that will transform your life.

Let’s get this party started!

Did you know that kids can hula hoop too? One of the things that I love the most about hula hooping is that everyone can do it. It is a fun form of exercise for all ages. In this next video, Minka will show you how to get started.

6 Amazing Benefits of Hula Hooping

The benefits of hula hooping are endless, but here are a few:

  1. Uplifting and fun workout. Improving your cardiovascular fitness is essential for your health. Cardio gets your heart pumping and increases the flow of oxygen throughout your body. It can reduce stress, improve brain function, and decrease the risk of heart disease and other ailments. I love the fact that it is a total body workout that feels like play.
  2. Gives a firm toning massage. Your hoop gives your body a firm toning massage while you learn fun moves. The combination of hula hooping and stretching also provides a foam rolling affect. This is the best kind of multi-tasking!
  3. Increases creativity. Hula hooping is a performance art that helps you improve your flow. Even flow can take practice, but every time you pick up your hoop it will improve and soon you will connect your moves playfully and seamlessly.
  4. Instant mood-fixer. There are times when I feel so unmotivated that I don’t feel like doing anything and that includes hooping. I’ve noticed that those are the days when it’s essential for me to pick up my hoop. It truly is the instant mood-fixer.
  5. Engages the senses. Hula hooping is fun, but also challenging. It gets you out of your head and into your body! My hoop helps me to see, hear, and feel what I’m doing right and what could use more work. I have also become more mindful of the flavors I taste and the messages that I listen to. It helps me stay engaged and in the present moment. If you want to increase your sense of feel try hula hooping with your eyes closed. Ready for the next challenge? Try hooping with your eyes closed while balancing on one foot.
  6. A skill you’ll be proud to show off! Hula hooping feels good and has given me so much confidence. I have also had the joy of seeing many of my hula hoop friends blossom and grow as hula hoopers. You will learn so many fun skills that you’ll be proud to show off!

Are you ready to dive in to the exciting world of hula hooping?

It is important to create a plan before you embark on a new adventure. Every body is different and the duration and frequency of your sessions will depend on your goals. At the same time, EVERY BODY can benefit from hula hooping. It is a low impact form of exercise that is kind to the joints and very modifiable. I think that a flexible framework with guidelines is best because it is good to make adjustments and tweaks along the way to fit your needs. The videos below are a goldmine filled with answers to the most asked hoop related questions along with tips and tricks to help you on your journey.

8 hula hoop workouts that will transform your life.

8 hula hoop workouts that will transform your life.

How long and how often to hula hoop?

The right duration and frequency of working out with a hula hoop is determined by many factors. Watch this video to learn more from professional hula hooper, Bee Varga.

1- Top 5 Hula Hooping Moves for Beginners | Bee Varga the Hula Hooper

Remember how we talked about the ways that hula hooping engages the senses? Bee starts the workout with Single Leg Balances. It only gets better from here! These are moves that Bee said she would practice if her main goals were wellness and fitness.

2- Best Hula Hoop Exercises for Lower Abs

Who doesn’t want a sexy cinched waist and a beautiful hourglass figure? These are the BEST hula hoop exercises for lower abs.

Bee’s philosophy is beautiful and so inspiring because she encourages us to embrace our bodies exactly as they are and to focus on feeling good.

3- Can Hula Hooping Shrink your Waist and Give You Abs?

*Please pick up your hoop and spin it while you watch this video*

Are you curious about whether or not hula hooping can shrink your waist and give you abs? In this video, Bee dives deep into the details of anatomy & physiology for hooping and teaches us how to hoop to sculpt our dream physiques.

It turns out that you can strengthen your core and shrink your waist, but the way that you hoop matters.

4- Can You Burn Calories Hula Hooping? | Just have fun workout!

The best kind of workout is the kind of workout that you enjoy and helps you feel your best.

5- Can you lose weight using a hula hoop?

*Please pick up your hoop and spin it while you watch this video*

Here are the answers you’ve been waiting for! Let’s learn about weight-loss, fitness, effective hula hoop workouts and exercises.

6- Cannot Keep A Hula Hoop Straight

*Please pick up your hoop and spin it while you watch this video*

Does your hula hoop feel uneven and wonky? Ever wonder why? Here are some hula hooping anatomy and physiology basics.

7- Spin Your Hoop the Other Way | Imbalances, alignment, inhibition, and so much more

*Please pick up your hoop and spin it while you watch this video*

Pick up your hoop, spin it around your waist, and notice how it feels. Now try spinning your hoop in the other direction. Does it feel different? Is one direction easier than the other? It is very common to favor one direction over the other. When you branch out to other skills like hand, arm, and leg hooping, you will probably notice that one side is stronger than the other. This is totally normal and the beautiful thing is that hula hooping can not only help us identify imbalances, but also correct them.

In this video, Bee discusses: imbalances, alignment, inhibition, compensation, repetitive strain injury, distress Vs. eustress, and mobility.

8- This is why you are not losing weight with a hula hoop

*Please pick up your hoop and spin it while you watch this video*

In this video, Bee talks about why you may not be getting your desired results with hula hooping. There is a massive push for people to lose weight and get skinny and while there are benefits to carrying less baggage, sometimes losing isn’t the answer.

When hula hoopers express their frustration about their weight loss journey & they message me for help: I would like to tell them all that losing weight is not necessarily a good thing. It may even mean that one is developing osteoporosis… but I do understand what they mean: they dream about a toned body, they wish their tummy was a bit flatter & their waist was a bit narrower. They wish they felt comfortable wearing anything. They wish they had a good time in their body. That I can help with!!! With hooping you will be able to achieve it all & you do not have to workout all day every day if you hoop smart!

-Bee Varga the Hula Hooper

Just remember it’s all in your head. Why don’t you think positive instead?

I think that it is worthwhile to get away from the mindset of losing and to focus more on building and creating the body and lifestyle of your dreams. Our thoughts are so powerful that if we think a thought enough it can come true. Rather than thinking negative and discouraging thoughts why not think positive and uplifting thoughts? Let’s try it and find out what happens? It could transform your whole life.

Thank you for joining me! I hope you will enjoy your hula hooping journey. For more courses and tutorials please visit Bee’s Website! She even offers a Hula Hooping Studio membership that will give you access to all of her content and also exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else.


Happy Hooping!


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