If you haven’t been following the news in recent years we will summarize everything we know so far and at the end of this you may draw your own conclusions.

TLDR; Videos of several unmeasurably fast aircraft were leaked from the American military pilots which were later confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon. What are they?

After a quick internet search you may have seen this image of a theoretic aircraft design patented by the US Navy. (It pretty much matches what is seen in the videos).

But what keeps many of us up at night, is the rumor that we definitively have crafts that are made off world. Eric Davis is an astrophysics who has allegedly examined the crafts material and came to his conclusion.

What we do know is that matter sometimes behaves in unexpected ways in microgravity. Some effects are known to be extremely difficult or even impossible to replicate on earth. Check out this paper.

In all likelihood, we made some really fast super space ship using micro gravity effects with the help trillions of illegally taxed dollars, and technology developed in in several Manhattan style projects. One thing is for sure… I want my own space whip. Thanks for reading!


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