Unfortunately, Tinder’s parent company which goes by the name of “Match”, doesn’t provide the ability to look someone up on Tinder. If you don’t mind spending a small amount of money then there is good news for you. I heard on several well-known news sites about a service that could find anyone’s Tinder profile and its called albion services. It is definitely not free but it’s less than ten dollars. What they provide is a report page with an alphabetized list of everyone in a 25-mile radius of any specific location. Matches are displayed at the top of the report with a full profile card showing all their pictures, information, and when they were caught using the service. As a secondary service albion will attempt to catfish whoever you find on there. This is a screenshot of what I got when I purchased their report. Try https://buzzhumble.com if you want to check the worlds #2 dating app called Bumble.


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