Are you looking for a viable onlyfans alternative? Well, after careful analysis and deliberation, we have found the best contender to onlyfans, and its name is Lava Coach. There have been a lot of contenders lately trying to launch websites similar to The majority seem to come from India.

Onlyfans has a very simple business model that allows people to anonymously buy user created content. Millions of women and some men are producing content to be seen by anyone willing to pay. So what’s the problem?

It appears that onlyfans is charging its userbase way more than it needs to. Other distributed economy apps such as Lyft, Uber, and AirBnB rely on far more sophisticated systems but take far less of your revenue than onlyfans.

The best alternative software that we know of, is Lava Coach. This new onlyfans killer platform is almost identical to in both look and feel, but the main differences are that its based in the United States, and the fee is factors less than effective rate of 20%. Lava coach charges 2.5% on transactions.

If you’re tired of technical problems and high fees, we recommend taking a look at Lava Coach.


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