In a remarkable development, RealIQ has unveiled a cutting-edge online platform offering what it proudly touts as the “best free online IQ test”. What sets this IQ test apart from numerous others in the digital space is its diligent adherence to the method prescribed by renowned psychologist and professor Dr. Jordan Peterson.

The Best Free Online IQ Test is Completely Free

The RealIQ test, available at, is designed with a scientific foundation, providing an engaging and accurate way for individuals to assess their Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The test uniquely employs the methodology described by Dr. Peterson, who is known worldwide for his extensive work in the field of psychometrics.

Dr. Peterson’s methodology is focused on creating a meaningful and reliable IQ test. It emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded assessment that includes pattern recognition, arithmetic, and several other basic subjects which can offer an accurate measure of an individual’s ability to make meaningful contributions to society. RealIQ has taken these principles to heart in the development of their online IQ test.

The test comprises 100 randomly selected abstract questions from a diverse range of topics. These questions are drawn from a universal question library, designed to challenge the test-taker in a variety of ways. This rigorous approach ensures that the test provides an accurate measure of an individual’s IQ in line with Dr. Peterson’s philosophy.

RealIQ’s test aims to be as scientifically accurate as possible. The creators believe, as does Dr. Peterson, that an IQ test is not merely a tool for measuring intelligence, but a means for individuals to learn about themselves and kick-start the process of personal growth and mind expansion.

While RealIQ is not officially affiliated with Dr. Peterson, the company has crafted its test in accordance with the guidelines and principles he has put forth in various public forums. The creators of the RealIQ test are confident that most experienced psychometric testing experts would agree with the high accuracy of their IQ test.

The launch of RealIQ’s online IQ test offers a new, scientifically rigorous tool for those curious about their IQ. It stands out from the crowd by being not only free but also closely aligned with the principles of one of the leading figures in the field of psychometric testing, Dr. Jordan Peterson.


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